Ski & Snowboard DTS

Ski & Snowboard DTS

1 July – 7 Dec 2018

Ever wonder how to connect your passion for skiing or snowboarding with your relationship with Jesus?

The Ski & Snowboard DTS is designed to equip those with a love for the snowriding culture to bring the light of the gospel to the snowboarders and skiers of this world. We believe that while you need to commit yourself fully to a backflip off a jump, you can also learn how fully commit to the disciplines God shows us in His word.

While you perfect your double cork, or try your hand at skiing for the first time, we will be alongside you to help you mesh your love for the snowriding culture with gaining a love, understanding and passion for Jesus, and a willingness to share His love with those in the community. You will learn skills that will last you a lifetime.

For the first three months in Queenstown, the “adventure capital” of New Zealand, you will hear different speakers share relevant and life-changing teaching, giving you tools to apply it into the snowriding culture and the world around us. The schedule has a variety of activities to challenge and strengthen your relationship with God and with others. After lecture phase, we will head out to the nations on a cross-cultural outreach to put into practice what we’ve learned.

Feel your adrenaline starting to pump? Jump on board for this life-transforming experience.

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